The Steps to Help You Fill Your Grocery Bag Through Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

If you think you might be qualified to receive SNAP benefits, check out these steps to get one.

1. Go to or call your local SNAP office.

2. Use the Internet to find out if you could be eligible. If you do not have a computer of your own, local libraries usually have computers you can use.

3. Get an application form by any of the following methods:

4. Next, is filling out the SNAP application form. It is important to fill up as much information as you can. If you need assistance, as a SNAP worker or food bank workers, even people who work at legal services to help you.

5. Submit the application form at the SNAP office as fast as possible. You can submit it online if the State has this option, mail it, fax it, or bring it to the SNAP office directly.

6. Make an interview appointment with a SNAP worker. Make sure to ask what you need to bring in the interview. Here are some examples of papers that you may need to bring:

7. Acquire all the papers or look for any other information that the SNAP worker needs in order to finish your application. If you need help in getting the papers, you can ask the SNAP worker or a friend to help you.

8. Go to the interview with the local SNAP worker. Make sure to bring all the needed documents with you. Ask the SNAP representative to make copies of the papers for your submission. Keep the original copies of your documents. If you need help in understanding the process, you may bring a community representative or a friend with you. If in case you cannot go to the office personally, you may ask for a phone interview, or ask someone else to go in your place.

9. Approved? Then you can now go grocery shopping with the EBT card the SNAP office will give you. The card works like a debit card. This is where your SNAP benefits are deposited every month. If you were not approved, you may speak with a representative from the SNAP office to know the reason why. You may also ask for a "fair hearing" if you think that they may have made a mistake in disapproving your application.

Did you know that there are SNAP-Ed classes that you can take? These are nutrition education classes where you can learn more about stretching your food budget, cooking tasty and healthy meals, and much more.